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Banner of the Stars

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Last Updated: Sep 07, 2009

9.25 (very good) Since it is one of the first anime I have ever watched, it calls for special treatment. If I do have the partiality, it would receive a score around 8.5.
It is a solid series, although the novel is probably a lot better. Jinto, as the main male lead, is rather pathetic; however, his earnest acknowledgment of his weaknesses makes his persistence more commendable. His character is easily likable and less generically clueless than some other (harem) male lead.
Of course, the main focus of the series is on the cool (and tsundere?) Abu princess Lafiel Abrieal. Despite the fact that I was never able to say her full name (thank goodness), Lafiel is one of my favorite anime heroines. Maybe it is because she was voiced by Kawasumi Ayako, who also voiced Saber from Fate/Stay Night. There is some similarity here, I guess.
I will finish this later.

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